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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Richard Kennedy - Wood Artist

In the workshop, artist Richard Kennedy
Self taught, Richard Kennedy has been woodturning for several years.

He creates both functional and ornamental pieces. Using mainly British hardwood sourced from environmentally sound suppliers, windblown and drift wood when available; he focuses on simple shapes for clean modern tactile pieces that sit well on both the coffee or kitchen table.

Working with wood is a privilege and something he finds hugely satisfying. His work focuses on creating ornamental pieces rather than functional items.

When creating a piece he finds that a compromise needs to be struck between the artist and the raw material. Working with nature rather than against it flowing line, form, and proportion are paramount to his design. 

Richard has sold pieces all over the world but has settled in Argyll to work influenced by its dramatic scenery and raw beauty. He is inspired by the simplest of things, the shape of the shoreline or a weathered rock; everything has a line that can be used in his work. He is currently exploring texture, piercing and the closed hollow form.

He runs “Bole the Gallery” in Kilberry which displays both his own and selected artists and crafts people’s work. Open from May to October there are always new and exciting things see. His website is

Make a trip along one of Argyll’s most fabulous B roads (B8024) to visit him. You are most welcome Tuesdays to Sundays 11am-5pm. 

Here's a collection of his fantastic work...

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"Anatir III" - made from lime, size 270mm x 120mm

“ Copse” - made from lime, size - 240mm x 120mm

“Herb’s Hollow” - made from sycamore (most likely), size 300mm x 200mm ish

“Spalted Beech Bowl” - made from - Spalted beech, size - 190mm x 120mm

“The Fires of Bel” - made from – Sycamore, size - 120mm x 110mm
"Inception" - white bowl made from horse chestnut, approx 160mm x 110
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  1. Fantastic work! I especially like the Copse bowl as it echoes the form of a woodland. Thank you for sharing your art here.


  2. Saw Richard demonstrate at Snainton yesterday. One o the best demo's I have seen. Richard is informative, entrtaining, helpful and approachable.I will be recoomending him to the to Bradford club I belong to. Hope he gets down here again. He created a hollow form; part of a pierced bowl, a cross bettween 'The Fires of Bel' and 'Copse'; and a clean line candle stick. He also covered colouring and finishing, demonstrated the Simon Hope hollowing tool with camera, how to use a spindle roughing gouge as a skew, piercing tchniques and equipment, pyrography...I think that is all. A very comprehansive and enjoyable event delivered with a calm unrushed style yet managing to cover such a wide scope, brilliant. Thanks, Benny


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