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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Mark Sanger - Woodturner

Mark Sanger Woodturner

We're delighted to feature the work of highly talented woodturner Mark Sanger on our blog alongside Marks's own words to describe his creations. 

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"My work is free flowing of  simple form, I believe that it should evolve from the here and now from the initial idea through the whole process to completion. I may have an idea about what I am going to create, beyond this I keep my mind open and receptive to changes that evolve along the way. On occasions it may take a different path than intended, I have learnt in life to work with this, not against, but this for me is the difference between true freedom of expression and constraint

"Living in Dorset with my wonderful wife and two amazing children I am perfectly placed to be able to draw inspiration from my local surroundings . Having studied various Japanese forms from a young age I have been drawn to this deeply interesting culture and the way it which the underlying philosophies can influence my life and work.  

"It is important that the items I create have a depth beyond that of a physical object. By incorporating my interpretation of the various philosophies and using natural materials from my local environment enables me to provide my customers with more than a mass produced object, but one that has depth of meaning and a personality of its own.

"My first taste in turning was within the aerospace industry albeit with metal. On leaving this industry I served for twelve years within the Police during which time I started woodturning and found a new path.

"My love for working with wood started as a child, with many happy hours working with my grandfather. We would make all manner of things together in his workshop and little did I know the seed that was sown back then would grow into the passion it has today.

"Enhancement with colour,texture,mixed media and natural materials are avenues I am currently exploring.

"In 2008 I was accepted onto the  Register of Professional Turners, supported by the Worshipful Company of Turners London. This was a great honour for me and I strive to keep the standards of my work to the high level expected of a member of the register and have recently become an assessor within the Register.

"Demonstrating and teaching the craft around the UK and abroad gives me much enjoyment as well as currently being the author of articles on the subject of woodturning  and related subjects for "Woodturning" Magazine a GMC publication, and articles published previously in"British Woodworking" magazine." 

If you want to find out more about Mark and his work, we suggest you visit his website at

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  1. I have admired Marks work for a long long time

  2. Ian just viewed you work on this site nice pieces well finished and form
    Cheers Ian


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