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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Win a Pen Blank at The European Woodworking Show

say "Hello" and you could win this
Turner's Cabin will be travelling to the fantastic European Woodworking Show this Saturday, with the hope of meeting lots of like-minded, wood turning enthusiasts for a good old chat. So to break the ice and give YOU a a very good reason to come and talk to us, we'll be handing over FREE acrylic pen blanks to the first ten turners who stop us and say hello!

How can you spot us in the crowd? 

We'll be wearing our very eye catching Turner's Cabin hoodies!

How do you get your hands on a pen blank? 

Just come up and say:

"Hello Turner's Cabin! Any FREE pen blanks left?"*

Here's one of our hoodies for you to spot. If you see a gentleman in one of these it will be me, Ian. The lady in the hoodie will be my lovely other-half Stacey.

How to spot me and Stacey at the show!
So don't be shy. Tap us on the shoulder and tell us what you think of the show, what stalls are a must see and what demos are you looking forward too.

Do please leave a comment on the bottom of this blog if you are going so we know who to look out for. If you're new to blogging the easiest way to leave a comment is by selecting 'comment as anonymous' from the drop down menu on the comment form, which removes the need to sign into anything. You can type your name as part of your comment so we all know who you are. Thank very much!

Hope to see you there. Ian.

Full details on those pen blanks can be found here: Turner's Cabin Acrylic Pen Blanks.

Here's some more information on the event from The European Woodworking Show Website:

The 2011 European Woodworking Show
Saturday 1 October 10am-5pm & Sunday 2 October 10am-4pm
at Cressing Temple Barns, near Witham, Essex, UK. 

Now in its 3rd year and growing with quality every year. The European Woodworking Show is fast becoming the most interesting woodworking weekend in the UK. With top class demonstrators from the UK & overseas across a breadth of woodworking disciplines and crafts.

Expect to see wheelwrighting to wood turning, different forms of carving to chairmaking, basketmaking to bodging, sharpening to pyrography, boat building to furniture making & much more.

The show's location, Cressing Temple Barns (pictured), is a scheduled ancient monument. The site has its origins in the 12th century and is home to the two finest Templar barns in Europe, one of which, dating from 1205, is the oldest timber framed barn in the world. The site is made up of a group of remarkable farm buildings, the barns, a Templar well and a Tudor walled garden.

*only one blank can be given out per person, but you're welcome to come and talk to us more than once!


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