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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Photos from The European Woodworking Show, 2011

Here are our photographs from The European Woodworking Show - LOTS of them! A fantastic event, congratulations to all involved. We also had a good chat with Mark Baker of Woodturning magazine, so we might get a mention in there! Next on the calendar for us is The North of England Woodworking & Power Tool Show in Harrogatemaybe see you there? Click on any photo to see a larger version.

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The stunning Cressing Temple Barns, where the show took place,
you can see Ian Metheringham (owner of Turner's Cabin) in the green fleece!

Inside the barn, the oldest timber framed barn in the world, from 1205!

Tim Atkins, chainsaw sculptor, gave an amazing demonstration 

Ian (left) with Mervin Cadman - expect a blog post soon on a
little project Turner's Cabin is cooking up with Mervin!

Looking at Simon Hope's stall - we stock his products at Turner's Cabin

Browsing some Tormek, also available from Turner's Cabin 

Time for lunch!

Wood Turning demonstration by Gary Renouf,
part of the Magma Black Line Titan team

Another Magma Black Line Titan demo

Some of the fantastic work on display

Another nice bit of turning

The surrounding area was stunning too

Mick Hanbury entertaining an audience

Fantastic work by Les Thorn

Acrylinc painting and carving by Bob Neill

Bob Neill himself!

Acrylic paint and pyrography on a turned bowl, by Bob Neill
One of the fields around the venue - magical!
Ian with our first
pen blank winner Christian - Congratulations!
Ian with Terry from Chestnut Products discussing
a new project Turners are planning -
we also sell Chestnut at Turner's Cabin

Traditional Japanese cabinet maker Sadatsugu Watanabe
gave a fascinating demo

Beautiful Rocking Horses from The Rocking Horse Shop

If you fancy having a go, The Rocking Horse Shop offers timber packs!

Time for a rest. Before you ask, those are Stacey's feet not Ian's!
Stacey is Ian's partner and also the photographer.

So that's our show photos finished! If you enjoyed them, or have a question about any of them, do please leave a comment using the form below. If you're new to commenting on blogs just comment as 'anonymous' so you don't have to sign in to anything. Thanks!


  1. Great photos! Look like it was a brilliant show in the autumn sunshine. Thanks for taking time to share them.

  2. Good presentation and pictures Ian and looks as if it was a good day, although there were some dubious characters there ...Merv....Christian, got to be careful who you might bump into these days. I have some DVDs from Mike Hanbury would have liked to see him in action


  3. Thank you very much Rod - and you're right you do get some dubious types at these shows ;). Hope to see you at Harrogate.


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