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Monday, 14 November 2011

Turner Cabin's Lucky Dip - Saturday at Harrogate!

The Goodies going into Turner's Lucky Dip sack - for you to plunder at the Harrogate  Show!

Like Santa's workshop elves, we have been hard at work wrapping some choice wood working and wood turning goodies to create a wood themed Lucky Dip at the The North of England Woodworking & Power Tool Show, Harrogate, on Saturday the 19th November. To get your hands in the Lucky Dip, just come up and say hello to Ian or Stacey of Turner's Cabin. Let them know you've seen this blog, and want a delve in their special sack! They'll be wearing their distinctive Turner's Cabin green fleeces, as seen here in these pics:

Ian hard at work with the wrapping paper

Stacey using a time-honoured method of Sellotape cutting

Ian's not giving anything away - but the shape of those parcels looks familiar!

It could be you! Another goodie wrapped for the Harrogate Luck Dip!

Remember, to have a go at the Lucky Dip,
just come and say Hello to Ian or Stacey at Harrogate!

We hope to meet lots of you at the show, new friends and old! And if you're already feeling full of Christmas cheer, please share this post on Facebook, to help our little business grow some more :). Full details of the show here:

One last thing: no Double Dipping - only one Dip per person!

Ian and Stacey


  1. I wish I was going but it is too far from here.I hope all goes well and you have a good couple of days.

  2. Too far for me as well. Shame really as I love Harrogate and lucky dips!!

  3. That's a good offer. I'll try to wander over and try my luck - you did say skinny dipping, didn't you? Well, if it might win a pen blank I'm up for it...

  4. Hi Ian,

    I will be at Harrogate with my club but we are only going on Firday. Sorry to miss you and it's a real shame I'll miss the lucky dip, no chance have having someone doing a 'proxy dip' for me, LOL!

    Hope it all goes well for you both and the lucky dip will surely be a great success and a very thoughtful thing too.

    Take care,


  5. Thanks for all your coments lee, George and ray is a shame you cant get its one of the best shows of the year and bob if you really want to do some skinny dipping im sure we could use the photos in our next blog but please do say hi
    all the best and thanks again to you all

  6. Lee
    i have some thing wonderfull here for you so dont you worie


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