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Friday, 4 November 2011

Lee Robert Sneddon - Wood Artist

Our latest featured artists is Lee Robert Sneddon.

Lee tells us a little about his work:

I attempt to create pieces of distinquished simplicity where possible. This is often overtaken by my need to create more artistic and challenging work, resulting in an eclectic output. My work is often unplanned and spontaneous, leading me on a journey of discovery. Each final piece is the result of a patient and mindful approach, the destination of which is imperceptable from the journey itself. Driven by my present mood, the work is usually a reflection of my current state of mind. I leave the onlooker to assess each piece and draw their own interpretations and conclusions. 

Here's a gallery of Lee's amazing creations. If you like what you see, do please 'Share' using the buttons at the top left of the post, including the Facebook 'Like' button!

Beech Insense Bowl


Lee's website can be found here:

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  1. Very thought provoking works.
    Regards George

  2. Thanks George, looking forward to the next blog post, don't know about you ;).

    Ian at Turner's Cabin

  3. Great to see work taken to a new level!


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