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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Chris Smith Woodturner

Wood Turner Chris Smith
Our new featured wood artist is Australian Chris Smith. 

Chris has written a fantastic personal introduction to his gallery for us, along with detailed captions for each photograph:

"My name is Chris Smith and I live in Perth, Western Australia.

"My wood adventures started many years ago as a sheet metal worker in the UK, were I was taught to use a metal spinning lathe.

"When I finished my apprenticeship I became a police officer, married and bought my own home so carpentry raised its head, although wood as an art form did not happen to me for a few more years until I migrated to Australia with my family.

"Some time after my arrival in Australia I was given an old and very cheap wood lathe that I used to make the wheels for model farm carts made by my father and myself - though that lathe soon found a new home.

"Some years later I took up wood turning seriously by joining the West Australian Wood Turners Association which soon became an obsession and I bought my Vicmark VL300 lathe. 

"I started to enter a few competitions,winning a few and passed into the ranks of advanced turners. Then I began teaching and selling my work through galleries.

"Wood turning has become a large part of my life and I get a great thrill out of passing on my knowledge yet still learning from other turners from around the world.

"My turning has evolved in many ways and I use colour and pewter and others media in my turning, but always to compliment the beautifull timbers of our beautiful south west of Australia.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work. "

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''Loxophleba Legend'', a stingray made from yorkgum burl 
and bronze, now owned by wood turner Mark Sanger

''Heart of manjimup'', lace sheoak vase

''Tiny'', small box and saucer with ebony finial
made from myrtle native to Tasmania

"Flames of the Forest", lace sheoak though small this 
was a cracking little case and now lives in France 

Fern Leaf Platter. ''Tane mahuta'', king of the forest,
made from ancient kauri from new zealand this platter is 
450mm diameter and is radio carbon dated at 45,000 years old.

''Goldfields Memory'', gimlett burl, great colours and texture 
make it a very unusual piece to see in the flesh

"Ali", jarrah stemmed box with silver appointments

"Ned Kelly", these photo's would not be right without "Ned"

''Seattle Road'', sheoak long stemmed box with pewter finial.
This one was the result of a demo for a local club.

''Blue Nebulese'', A highly carved and coloured piece of jacaranda made in two pieces

''MEMORY OF BURNIE'', the result of a piece of old musk wood that was given to my wife whilst on holiday in Tasmania. The finial is ebony

''Lucky'', almond wood natural edge bowl turned wet and allowed to do its own thing

'The Guardians'', two stingrays attached to a piece of jarrah burl to simulate a reef
The rays are also made of jarrah burl

''Blue Moon'', small hollow form and pewter finial

"Out of Africa", a real ostrich egg turned in the lathe until most 
of the texture is gone then polished with a purple wax and 
then attached to its pewter finial and stand

Swamp Jarrah Platter, ''Old Swampy". This piece of jarrah was very old 
when I got it so I turned it as one piece, 60x6cm, it has three 
carved feet on the bottom and is finished with Danish oil

"Tassie Devil", Tasmanian myrtle burl is a rarity but a piece 
this nice is rarer still, the bowl is around 400mm across


  1. Lovely selection of work!

  2. Such beautiful work Chris! I love them all. Thanks for being my teacher.

  3. Hi thanks for taking the time to look and comment on our blog i will pass your comments on to chris.
    I hope you found it a good read .

  4. Hi all thanks for the kind remarks some of the others guys here are well worth a look as well.
    today Im spending the day with Eli Avisera should be a great day Eli is a really nice guy . regards to all chris

  5. Hi Chris i hope you have fun with Eli hes a great turner/ demonstrator if you get time show him our blog if would be great to feature him on here .

  6. Outstanding work Chris, a pleasure to cruise through.

  7. I have seen and handled some of these pieces in the wood. ''Tane mahuta'', is a true expression of Chris philosophy of "Turn it don't burn it" bought back to life after 45,000 years in a swamp it's truly beautiful piece. GRANDAD


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