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Friday, 9 March 2012

George Watkins Woodturner

George and his work
The next featured artist on the Turner's Cabin blog is George Watkins. Here's his own introduction to his work:

"Hello my name is George Watkins. I’m thirty three years old and I live and work in Leicestershire, England with my wife Emily and daughter Beth.

When I was nineteen I went to a craft fair and got chatting to a woodturner, I don't know why but I knew there and then that I wanted to try woodturning, soon after that meeting I bought a small lathe and “had a go”. With hindsight I wished I’d have had some formal lessons with a professional woodturner as those first few years were fraught with frustration and I very nearly gave up several times.

I have been turning for approximately fourteen years now and I am still completely self-taught, learning what I know from books, videos, practical application and mistakes. I specialise in turning hollow forms and vessels using mainly green/unseasoned wood, I also enjoy making boxes and platters sometimes incorporating resin or gold leaf techniques.

My main supply of wood is taken from two local tree surgeons, I enjoy chatting to the tree surgeons and finding out where the wood has come from and why it has been removed. The majority of my wood is removed as part of a sustainable forestry management or sometimes trees or large limbs are removed if they are diseased or overhanging a road etc.  If I didn't buy the wood it is sometimes sold for paper mulch or split and sold as firewood.

My turning is constantly evolving and at the moment I am really enjoying trying new things and seeing the possibilities of the many different ways I could take my work and explore with it.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work."

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African black wood hollow form, wood supplied by Turner's Cabin

African black wood vase, from wood supplied by Turner's Cabin

African black wood hollow form, wood supplied by Turner's Cabin

Spalted olive ash hollow form, wood supplied by Turner's Cabin

A selection of Churchill pens with a mixture of amalgam mutt blanks

Ash platter with a schlag metal effect gold leaf

Olive ash platter with black centre

Burr yew form with natural void

Weathered burr oak hollow form

A selection of mini hollow forms

Redwood burr, madrone and claro walnut boxes

Burr elm platter

Textured/carved mini hollow form

An amalgam mutt box

Spalted beech hollow form with carved neck detail

Rippled olive ash hollow forms

Lignum vitae and boxwood box

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See more of George's work on his website From the Tree and catch up with his latest news or his blog

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