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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Woodturner Matt Jones

Woodturner Matt Jones
Our latest featured artists is Matt Jones, who works from picturesque village of Riverstown, County Sligo in the West of Ireland.

In Matt's own words:

"I studied Fine Art and went on to work as a professional musician. I would spend long periods of time away and yet when I came home I had very little to do. I came across the Tony Boase book one day in my local library and that sparked an interest in Woodturning. I bought an old Coronet and made my first turnings. 

These initial forays were not very successful and in any case I gave up turning as I moved to Ireland to renovate an old farm building as the family home. However the seeds had been sown and in my spare time I read a lot about woodturning and kept the flame alive. In 2009 I built a workshop and bought a second hand Graduate which I refurbished. My plan was then and still is to work at the production end of woodturning. 

My biggest sellers are the Wine Stoppers and the Baby Rattle. I'm beginning to sell a few of my Candlesticks. I consider packaging and every item comes in a box and with an accompanying leaflet. I do make bowls but the marketplace is saturated with very good bowl makers so its not a huge part of what I do at the moment. 

I love the artistic side of woodturning and hope one day to be there. However I think that many woodturners put enormous effort and expense into time consuming (and amazing ) sculptural turnings that display incredible skill and patience but don't consider how to market them. I don't see the point in being my own best customer. 

I do appreciate the woodturning fraternity. The internet has made it possible to connect with turners on the other side of the world and tap them for advice, technical and in a business sense. I try and attend at least one training course each year. I've visited Glenn Lucas a few times and later this year hope to attend one of David Ellsworth's classes. Funding allowing. I have plans to build a bigger workshop. ( Does anyone have enough space? ) and upgrade to a Vicmarc. A kiln would be good to! Unfortunately though before that there's nappies to be bought and food etc..   One Day!"

Here's a selection of Matt's work. Thank you very much Matt for being our latest featured woodturner - hope you get the kiln soon!

Candlesticks in Spalted Beech
Baby Rattles, one of Matt's biggest sellers
Esherick Stool
Square bowl in olive ash

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